first starshots. find it hard to stay awake late enough to see the stars. i think I still love photo manipulation and what’s possible rather than capturing reality.


The Flame


The flame

oxygen starved, it flickers but does not go out

The flame

it’s the passion inside of us that drives us to push our boundaries even when we don’t want to, that makes us better even when we can’t see it

The flame

once it ignites, it may not always burn bright but it will always leave its mark

The flame

is what keeps us sane.

Foggy Days


Accidentally used 1600 ISO after trying star shots at Tenquille. Shots taken on the way to Crown Mtn. Foggy days fail to dampen my enthusiasm for the beauty of trees and mountains-some of the most beautiful moments I’ve been in are bad weather. After all, snow is bad weather to some but a blessing to others.