20th Birthdays

(This post is a rescheduled deleted post from last year, retitled and schedule as close to the original date as I can remember. It gives the blog a more cohesive feel to me when I want to read back on it and remember what happened in my life that year.) 

I brought up the Grouse Grind to three friends but it’s really nothing if you don’t privately pretend it’s something else in your mind. The grind is ugly, and they have even more wooden steps on it this year, which makes me want to puke. Only when I stepped upon the new uniform wooden slats did I realize half of the joy that covered the toil of the grind was the uneven nature. THAT is kind of like snowboarding. Keeping you on your toes.

I love to ride the seabus. It should be getting to the point of “sick” soon. But I never go anywhere I didn’t purposely want to when I ride the seabus, unlike regular busses, which I DO hate after a year of commuting. I bet everyone who said I was crazy for liking the bus (who were commuters) wanted to slap me across the face. If I could reach back across time and bend my hand against my own stupidity, I WOULD!

At this point I don’t see much improvement for skateboarding until maybe second term when I can bring it to UBC and do it with friends, and I would like to make a special advertisement for the seabus one day, maybe now, because it fun to do so, only I have no pictures of the seabus, seeing as I am always in it.

Oh yeah during the entire grind I thought “Wait, wasn’t I just snowboarding this year? Shouldn’t this be easy? Wasn’t snowboarding harder?” I mean if they made exercise as exciting as motion graphics maybe more people would exercise for fun.  On the other hand I didn’t feel like I was ruining my knees like last year. At this point this is way more exciting than running, which I don’t want to do ever in my life again at the moment, which would be pretty sad, because then I’d get no exercise at all except maybe flexing my toes to grab pens that fell on the floor.

I talk to strangers when I’m on mountains. I like it.

Time to work on that seabus or some other fan-girly graphic. Fan girl is just a die-hard fanatic by another name. “fan” and “girl” both suggest subjugation so I refuse to use that word, even though my friend would probably die upon reading my writing this. Sorry, I love you anyways.

Shoutout to one of my newer friends for an awesome bday dinner. This rocks so many ways, plus our birthdays are so similar (March). Anyways I hate people fussing over me just for being born so I would have been even a worse dinner guest than I am normally. I can’t help being really bad, I rarely eat out or eat new foods. Maybe I should just make this a collective apology to all my friends for being absolutely shit when it comes to being in restaurants. One day when I finally become rich I will act like a normal human being, I swear, in the mean time do realize that I am enjoying it…Even if I cannot really tell the difference between your favourite pricier well made sushi and the budget ones…;)

Because facebook is now obsolete to me. Facebook could never capture everything that I wanted to say, but it definitely inspired an increasing need for pics. I have never finished a crossword puzzle in my life, so that was pretty cool. Fingers crossed I’ll see old friends soon, for none of you will soon live in my town…I like my friends. 🙂

I wish I’d taken a picture of that cake my friend made on her own birthday (May) because it was uncommonly delicious. I could feel its perfect balance of richness and sweetness haunt my taste buds even when I knew I was getting up to my gills full. Coupled with homemade banana cream pie and it was heaven. Together they barely left room for me to manoeuvre my fork as I tried to scrape up each crumb of a delicious meal provided by the birthday girl herself.

After I had slurped up 90% of the plate of cake+pie I admitted defeat and it didn’t seem so weird then but I liked how there was a half-empty bottle of raspberry vodka on the table and neither of us acknowledged it.

What made it more delicious was that there was also a half-empty bottle of raspberry vodka on the table but neither of us acknowledged it. Either we dropped a bit of pretenses or we had both changed.

As promised to myself after I had exhumed the literary prowess of Fifty Sheds Damper, the parody of Fifty Shades of Grey, shed-style, I handed it over to my friend and we read it on the grass outside her building. She might not have said this if she knew I was going to quote her but reading fifty shades of grey aloud to her friends is a potential future past time.  I realize it’s always been a pleasure to read whatever with others. Reading sparks those inner thoughts and connections of our private lives.

All in all I can’t wait for all my friends to be 20 and so they don’t make fun of me and say that I am old. “Going on swings on my birthday is totally a sign of my maturity.”


stronger than mountains

I used this photo as my facebook profile picture after being bored by the one I made before it that had been in commission for a couple years. This picture combines the faces of my friends and mountains, two of my favourite things. Together, they show that friendship is stronger than mountains and that friends like mountains, are always looming close by, sheltering you from harm. Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.03.58 PM