You Taught Me to Love the Night



Cloudy Spring

Summer officially began yesterday, but the amount of snow on the mountains suggest otherwise. I think I’ve hung up my skis for the season, a fact that saddened me at first, but it happens every season. The transition is always the worst. Let the backpacking begin! DSC_0374DSC_0210DSC_0242DSC_0256

Graphics Roundup-Feb 2016


Random stuff I did for fun from Jan 8-Feb 8

Looking back, I moved away from illustration and fun to simple shapes and attempts to communicate something more business like. I had been perusing through logos/business oriented graphic design and had less time than I had in December/Jan. Thus, I naturally gravitated to more conventional lines and shapes. The colours also got conventional, as evidenced by the pink/blue dichotomy. The last thing I did on Photoshop this month was attempt to recreate the side of a simple logo from an outdoor company. Future ideas for intersections of illustration and shapes: logos made up of shapes (circle, triangular trees) with bears (drawn; need to learn to draw a bear!) IMG_0288

Sometimes, monotone says it better than colour. I wish I had brought my DLSR.

Snow continues to be one of the biggest motivating factors behind my interest in visual art. Nature is the best artist: from the chairlift looking down, snow laden pines display a crown of branches that look strikingly like snowflakes (I’ll try to get a picture of that next time, but my camera has been frozen each time and I haven’t brought my DLSR due to time/space constraints.) Want to see depth of field using monochrome? There is something mesmerizing about staring at a stand of trees; the longer you stare, the more hidden branches you see and the deeper your field of vision feels.





Let Thoughts Go


It’s been a long, frustratingly unproductive day for sure and here I am again, wide awake in the early hours of the night. Here’s to letting self criticism go and letting the creative spirit back in.


Graphics Roundup-Jan

Another month has passed (December: I had no intention of creating after December; indeed, after I posted that, I felt like I was in a creative rut. After I realized photography was 700000% harder than I thought and there was only a limited number of times I could rely on auto mode to take pictures of my friends, and a 2 week snowboarding/outdoor break, I set it down for the moment. Dissatisfied with the lack of visual output and piggybacking on the ease of controlling every aspect of an image, I traced photos, free handed, and drew my way to yet another random assortment of visual candy. This is the stuff that’s been occupying my visual mind: bold colour, the colour blue, candy coloured logos, mountains and character foxes. You can read below what else has been inspiring me to interact with, contemplate, and ultimately love the relationship between people, writing, graphics, and the outdoors even more.