Cypress 2015-2016

Photos shot at Cypress Mountain Resort, BC. 2015-2016. DSC_0727-3dsfgsfdgkjhkjh_sat.jpgcypress_milling_2.jpg


Last year, I didn’t even know that genderfluidity existed. I knew was transgender was and I knew that I wasn’t trans. But what I did know was that a handful of nights per year the gender dysphoria would be so strong I’d lay awake wondering what if I was trans-it hit me hard that I was some freak, because by a process of elimination I figured out I couldn’t be trans, but I couldn’t be cisgender [non-trans], either.







but now it makes a lot more sense. I never fit in.



Why do you do the things you love? At what point does the newness/coolness wear off and passion take over? Or is that newness something you continually create with your mind?

Perhaps the moment you start going through the motions with anything in life you lose your ability to question why you do it and you lose that spark. You must always have a goal, no matter how small; some idea of what you seek, no matter how vague. Whether it’s the artistic vision or different way life seems to flow away from the city or the people, there’s something in it that’s different for all of us. If you chase it, you may be surprised how far it can lead you.

Follow your dreams.