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Not current picture-although if you can identify me using this, good on you.




The soaked and weary tale begins in high school when I was certain that I wanted to be an author when I grew up and got my first taste of snowboarding. I lived inside children’s and teen books, my worst mark was PE, and I had no claim to fame except a) running faster than some girls in gym class and b) being a pet student. But it probably began way before that. It probably began when I was being conceived and one gene said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we liked adrenaline?” And the other gene went, “Yeah sure bro, but only if I get to write about it.”

Fun Facts About Me:
I like to keep journals

I had jaw length hair that my mom cut that I hated for all of my childhood and smiled more brightly when I was finally freed from short locks in university. But after all that, I guess I’m still part tomboy.

I try to be more elegant and girly and honestly I do a convincing job right?!

I like finding out about people’s creative interests and that’s how I make friends; most of my friends share being a wanna-be artist in common!

I read children’s /teen fiction up to an older age and always wrote in that voice

I believe everyone and everything has a narrative and that’s why I like snowboarding; it helps me see the world in a open minded way


Recently I started to hike and camp.


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Why You Should Make Far From Graded Work:

Flashy Explanation:

Isn’t it annoying when you have a stroke of genius but no teacher’s there to see it? Okay, maybe it wasn’t so awesome once the veneer of novelty wore away, but didn’t it feel great anyways? Here’s a blog dedicated to every one of those stupid flashy moments of personal achievements. It won’t win any awards, but it might win your heart!

Alternative Explanation:

You may be a student too or have been and don’t have, or are not ready for, an outlet for your ideas. It’s possible that creating something you enjoy will not raise your GPA. Because of this simple reason, it can’t be worth doing, when you already have far too much on your plate. Well, don’t worry-if you want to stay sane, I encourage you to do it anyways. A little fun indulging in your creative side doesn’t take forever, but it can make your free time feel like forever. Being creative, when you’re in the flow, feels delicious, so I invite you to make time for yourself, and surprise yourself when your art is relevant to others. And to keep on going.

My Explanation:

I like cool things like people and creativity and the magic that happens when people see creativity. Much of this creativity is focussed around half-assed attempts at capturing the fun of snowboarding. You’ll find all sorts of creative endeavours on it too, like drawing, photography, hiking/backpacking trip reports, and writing. All of them inevitably lead back to or are inspired by life and the outdoors.  Not often enough, I am found being too excited about something I’m not ready for. I find myself with other people, too, in these situations, and I like this.


Take whatever you like from it and enjoy.



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