Even when I am holding him, with his heartbeat in my hands

I can feel its wings, beating gently against the meaty breast of my palm

Vying for my attention

Uncaged, wild, it asserts its territory over my heart

Singing in a mother tongue I’d forgotten I knew


Like a half forgotten song sung half asleep,

I chase its delirious meaning from daybreak to dusk

Its melody inscribes itself into the line I trace with my eye to the next voluptuous figure and when I wipe the sweat from my brow to hide my gaze when we are out in public

I beg it to bide its time

And it begs to be let free


I try to explain

This cage is big enough only for one

I was happy the day she came out of the woods

But now I don’t want her and I can’t forget her melody

So while I hold onto his hand

I hum along gently

And we rest together in my cage

Three hearts beating in perfect harmony


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