Sexual Preference doesn’t have to make sense

Sexual (or asexual!) preference doesn’t have to make sense.

I have tried to box myself in, but no matter how I boxed myself, it never made sense. These things I deducted:

I’m aesthetically attracted to a voluptuous female form.

In terms of gender, I’m attracted to the energy of female leaning masculine people or masculine leaning females.

Sexually, I’m attracted to all genders. But only after establishing a deep emotional/trust bond; before that, I’m repulsed by sexual or romantic advances and am only comfortable as close friends.

In terms of gender, I’m not currently interested in labels, but if asked, perhaps I’d say genderfluid.

But I’m in a relationship with a straight male. Why?

Because I love him, as a person. I found someone who ticked all the boxes that have nothing to do with my gender and sexuality but who he and I are as people. As long as something about our sexualities overlap, nothing else matters.




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