Graphics Roundup -Photoshop/DSLR

I would never claim to be a good artist, but I would certainly claim that I find it therapeutic to make visual alternate realities. For now, I’m sticking to visual/communicative designs – I’ll leave fine art to my friends who are fantastic artists. One day though, becoming an actual artist would be awesome. Having just walked through an artist’s installation made up of illuminated paper cutouts with my friend, I felt excited. The artist had no clear purpose set out in her work, yet we left feeling like we had had an intimate yet fun moment with the artist.

Who am I kidding? I really wish I were a great artist. But, from studying English, I see now how the finesse of an artist is the result of countless hours of practice, and that great art is not an accident but an elusive higher plane that requires devotion to reach. And, of course, a vision.


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