Who Knew Our Mountain Still Had It?


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Junk shots from opening weekend

Cypress isn’t a huge hill but you wouldn’t know it from the response it received on opening weekend.

So many people still believed in snow.

Less than 50% of the mountain has been open on Cypress- more like 5%- last year and the mountain’s more vigorous runs were also mostly not in commission last year as well. That makes the two years that I’ve bought season’s passes there the worst ones in recent memory.

Sure, there was no snow during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. And as a lady in line told me, the cycle of cold and hot weather repeats every fourish years. If you calculate it correctly, you can avoid wasting money on those drier, hotter years – but I knew no such thing as a newbie.

The fact is, lots of people believed in the snow more than I. Or rather, I was in some way like everybody there  – perhaps more jaded than cautiously optimistic, but magnetically drawn nonetheless, to an “need” that none of us can explain.

But you still wouldn’t show up on opening weekend unless you believed in snow.

There were two runs open. One of them was the bunny hill. The other started up top as three forks joining into one. One was green and the other two were blue, the skiier’s right being the home of a park.

Moms, dads, teens, friends, out of towns, married-for-fifty-years, tots, were all out in their brightest gear.

A thick coating of manmade. A natural coating on the surrounding rocks and shrubbery. An icing sugar dusting on the tops of trees. And slick ice just underneath the surface.

Still, people were tearing it up.

Now I don’t know the percentage of people who were returning skiiers and riders and who had been loyal to Cypress for decades and who were just embarking on their first year, but everyone seemed to have the same level of zeal. Traffic only got worse around 2 pm, after the lunchers and late starters joined the pack. The lift lines got so bad only the singles line was tenable.

If the weather is anything to go by, skiiers and riders can be optimistic. With sunshine as bright as a spotlight, it was about as perfect visibility as it could get.


Slap on a 2015/2016 sticker and we’re good to go (Last year’s passes were rolled over for a small fee and reused instead of re-printed due to the dismal season)


Hour long lineup snaking through the lodge

IMG_3960Quick snap of snow cover 


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