Pre-Trip – Beginner Skiing/Winter Camping


Throwback to last year-telemark skis + beginner skiier 

I haven’t camped or hung out with some of the people who make me feel my best, whose company I enjoy no matter what, for over a month. The kind of people who loosen the constraints society has put on them and enjoy being wet and cold. Just kidding-no one enjoys being wet and cold. And now, having worn the same jacket for 2 years, I’m a bit worried it’s no longer waterproof. That does not bode well for skiing and then camping in the snow in about -8 degrees celcius. Gear should be gotten if it gets in the way of your pursuits. After not sleeping for the better half of my first camping trips, I’m more than thankful for my thick sleeping bag. Although its bulkiness is counterintuitive for longer trips, I haven’t yet progressed to that stage, so it suits me just fine right now.


Although I truly truly love writing and being warm and cozy as I do that, I’ve been quite depressed without the company of wild minded people and the special quality of mountain air. Outdoors – what drew me to it was how it seem to shed the boundaries of everyday life. But what I’m realizing now is to go forward, there are endless things you can do in the city to prepare for them. And I’ve done none of it. Being warm and cozy, I’ve not had the penchant to move, or write.


But – and this is a big but – every time I go back to the thought of being outside, away from the city, as far as my unseasoned legs will take me – a world of opportunities and thoughts open up. Literally an entire mental world is opened up. I didn’t even know that my brain had a whole other compartment – and what a diservice it would be to let it atrophy. It’s not even that I have ideals –  I must go outside for X days a year because it’s good for me – it’s a compulsion, a need.

With so much time away, I’m not ready physically but the one thing we can all do is be ready mentally. To embrace the experience and not force interpretations and to be present.

PS The local is just Red Heather-it’s actually insanely easy. However I really have not been active so with an overnight pack on my back and skis on my feet, it will be interesting. Anyways, my greatest regret is being too worried to pack my camera. I think it’ll freeze overnight. It’ll be amazing.





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