Warm/Cold Light


DSC_0547A little disappointedly, I found out that yesterday’s conditions – what some called bluebird – were the exception rather than the norm. Can you edit a photo taken in cloudy conditions to make it look like it was endless sunshine? I don’t know, but I should still be happy with the challenge of editing these! I’d like to edit parts of the photo individually but that just seems a little daunting and a lot of work, since even though I did that to some of yesterday’s photos, the lighting was so great my work was minor. Anyways. I have not been in the park this winter; anxiety has made me really stiff and awkward. But they opened up a fantastic swath of snow between runs that allowed for more speed. Cautiously, I ventured onto it when the speed caught me off guard and threw off my anxiety for a few seconds. It was glorious – it was the reason why I decided to snowboard. I could regain a little of the old side hitting, too. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there.



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