DLSR Day 4-NotStarbucks

(Repost to include the later day’s abomination: NotStarbucks)


Starbucks will solve all your problems, Rebull will gives you wings and fly, and any Not Starbucks coffee will…

Previous: highlighting


Just kidding-Reading other mediums of creative writing are more fun though.


(from yesterday) I cheated-nothing happened today and I’m quite busy. So for now, that’s all that’s going to be posted.

One day I’ll take better photos-the likes of which I love to look at. These are still simplistic. What they remind me of though are ads-one action/activity is being promoted through each photo. The backgrounds/complexity are nonexistent. How do I create a “busier” photo where the lighting, details, colour, shadows, framing, subject choice, focus all contribute to a message?


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