DSLR Day 3

Unlike what the news said, there was no snow on top of Grouse. But there were photos. I tried taking the BCMC so I wouldn’t have to pay for the ride down but I missed the turn off. In doing so, however, I saw blades of light dance through the endless trees-yet I could not capture it. I tried manual, and auto after that when it didn’t work. It’s just tricky to capture that kind of light. My three clear photos of the day were no doubt the result of excellent lighting and luck than skill, but the fun part is the editing.

Set on auto colours can get really weird but all the information is captured, so maybe an orange tint is the most conducive to that. If so, I’m fine with that – to get clear, fully captured photos to post edit, any other compromises are worth it!

DSC_0746 DSC_074233 DSC_0699


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