Wedgemount Lake

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Wedgemount was amazing. Wedgemount was better than I could have asked for. Wedgemount is the reason why I collaborate with people in the outdoors and where I find my greatest joy in life.

The beautiful lake drew me back, but, with good but not optimal weather the lake wasn’t spectacular. There was no golden sunlight to dazzle in its unfathomable azure depths. It didn’t seem to glow like a huge undersea gem, because fog pushed at its edges and diminished its presence. But, to be plain, none of this mattered. This wasn’t actually why I came here. I came here because I would enjoy it even if I were blind; to peruse the landscape with my feet and hands; to feel light rain and pre-winter chill in the air; to be slightly afraid of the dark when it fell, with the clouds obscuring the stars. I came there because that’s the landscape I thrive in, a place where I will never be bored and can never finish exploring. And I’m there with people who value the experience as much as I do. Do you ever go to an event or place with a friend only to find they aren’t enjoying it on your level and wish to find some people that do? You can either change your friend’s mind or widen your social circle. There’s too much to lose by waiting for your best friends and loved ones to join you, because what’s better than friends to join you? More friends and like minded people joining you.

I miss the feeling of my legs feeling out the landscape as it rolls from beneath me in an endless pile of scree down Mt Cook and I miss meeting new people-adults who have made it in life-through my hikes with an online hiking group. I miss meeting a diversity of happy people showing that success comes in many forms and you can thrive in any environment. But to have all these people call the outdoors home, too, tells me that an important bond is formed when you venture outside. It’s really not just an idea of freedom, it’s a physical space that is a playground. And my god, how much I miss it already. I like the rooty ground and slanted ground Elfin Lakes this weekend has a more manicured trail (I believe) and less elevation.

The more rough, the more to like. I think and hope I’m finally getting into the camping/hiking mindset again this season. I can’t think of a better feeling than relishing in what makes you normally curl up inside. By far, this was my favourite camp for a long time, with both the people and the landscape and how comfortable I felt.


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