Children’s Lit Class

(snippet written in 1.5 hours)

Dan will always attribute that day to a stroke of luck. It’s Provincials, and mud is flying everywhere because thirty milliliters of West Coast’s best efforts have shown up to the game. One minute he’s standing shivering in his soccer shorts when, almost subconsciously, he angles his leg back like a pendulum, readying for a penalty kick. The bam! of the ball is very much like the bam! of reality as applause erupts from all around him. Unrealistically, insteading of intensifying, his sense of sound melts away. He has kicked the winning goal for Provincials. He is a hero. Over the next few days, the fact dawns upon him like a cat, pouncing on him in the most mundane scenarios. He will be slurping his oatmeal, thumping down the stairs to watch TV or crouching to hide in the backseat when he remembers. Things escalate. The average Dan is discarded as the soccer guru Dan rises to stardom. What no one knows is that Dan commemorates the day by reenvisioning not the kick but every shade of green that the sunlight knifed through in the grass as he kicks the ball.

Oh well.

Dan never really wants to go into soccer, but he is indifferent towards kicking flying objects. He likes to do it more for the dirt than the game. There are stories he might find shut below the ground’s earthy divide. When he slaps clammy, writhing worms on your hand you assume he does it as a prank. But really, Dan is really introducing you to the friendliness of limbless lifeforms.

After all, soccer is just a game where you kick around a ball.

And if it crushes him…then what?

The ball is just a ball.

It wasn’t like sometimes he would stand shivering in his soccer shorts  and not realize he was cold until someone said so.

Swear on the spit in the frozen unbaked-cookie dough ground.

People like Dan might pass off as popular kids. But Dan is not that type. Because, although Dan is alright at soccer and is friends with most of his class, it is Brian who is his best friend. Brian and Dan have been best friends for a long while, but now they are finally classmates.

But still. Dan is your average very nice classmate, your good student and your occasional comedic.

More about Brian later.

There are very few schools without a likeable person like Dan.

Summary of Being There is Enough

After receiving news that his father has abandoned the family mysteriously for northern BC, Dan Brooks wanders around all night, where he witnesses the clandestine abandonment of puppies. Though the secret eats away at him, more immediate problems like his brother Brian being bullied and his mom crying occupy his mind, until one day Brian is bullied mercilessly and the only way Dan can think to help is to name them both as witnesses to the puppy abandonment. The story of two child heroes hits the news, leveraging the brothers into popularity and hitting the news channel Dan knows his father watches religiously. Dan and Brian’s relationship become even more important as Dan’s lying forces him further away from their mother. Dan realizes Brian’s bully Tyler’s brother is responsible for the puppy abandonment and feels the pressure to name a perpetrator as media campaigns mount. At the same time, Dan’s father contacts the family, stating he sustained a memory impairing injury and asks Dan to meet him. Torn, Dan has a terrifying face down with Tyler, managing to get Tyler’s brother to confess, when Brian wanders in  as a result of Dan’s lies and is hurt. The family meets in the emergency room, Dan confesses his lies and he and his family make the journey to reconnect with his father.


Dan-a 12 year old with tidy dark hair that swirls to the left and big eyes, likes animals, sports and is tenacious. He keeps a secret book of parrot stickers because they are sparkly.

Brian-Dan’s 9 year old brother, petite, freckles, brown hair and wide mouth, likes dinosaurs, smarter than Dan but is more occupied with his own wants.

Tyler-Brian’s bully, Dan’s enemy-a 12 year old with a pinched but good looking face, high pitched voice, and a good athlete. Secretly admires his older brother, who bullies him.


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