Rock Party is an annual gathering of over a hundred people, with the intent on initiating new members and teaching the uninitiated to climb. After dragging myself out of an intense round of schoolwork, I managed to only get one climb in. I saw a lot of familiar faces. The spotlight to this weekend was partying.


Setting up in tent city

IMG_3347Gathering for the BBQIMG_3353

Going through hundreds of patties, half of which were veggie.IMG_3362

Rock climbing themed games: climbing over a partner in order to reach as far as possible across the room to place your Nalgene on the ground, without actually touching the ground.


Table bouldering; climbing around a table and reaching for the next table and climbing around that without ever touching the ground.

“This is the only party where there are more people doing rock climbing related games than on the dance floor” -quoted

People were doing the limbo under strobing lights. They made it hard to see and judge space if you weren’t used to them.IMG_3364

1:30 am guitar and ukelele singalongs. I was dead the next day.

*Note: I have NEVER legitimately partied before. The kind of party where there are 50+ people, organized music, venue, and a roomful of people you don’t know and of course alcohol. I don’t drink.

It was a mixed bag. But ha, I’m not cut out for partying with 100 people and no adrenaline rush from hiking or beautiful landscapes to keep me inspired or tired. At least not yet.


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