Browns, greys, deep yellows and tarnished greens.

A new season is upon us.


(photo credit: my cousin)IMG_2424 salmon


Autumn-neither summer nor winter. A second new year for many people, heading back to school or work after a break. Minutes of light shaved off day by day, sunlight losing its stronghold in the sky. What do you expect and enjoy out of autumn, between the golden light of summer and the white, pure light of winter? Perhaps it’s the amber light of autumn that you come to love. Not the warmth on your neck nor the frozen numbness of snow, but the crisp briskness of cold suffused with the amber light.The quickening of the breath as you realize this morning is colder than the last and you had better pack an extra layer next time. Perhaps autumn is a beauty all on its own, only I never fully appreciated it.


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