Summer Please Don’t Go: Climbing at Lighthouse Park

I wanted a camping trip, but this will do. Climbing used to be something on the top of my list but only indoors; then the interest waned for a while because it was too hard and seemed slow paced, but yesterday’s trip reaffirmed the greatest gift going outdoors has taught me: across sports and disciplines, all people who enjoy the outdoors are open minded people, because to enjoy the outdoors you often have to teach others, deal with the weather, and share your love.

I actually enjoyed rock climbing more, even though the rock was less fun. For sure, the climbs being very short and easier made the experience more easily enjoyed, as the rock in Squamish is more fun and easy to grip, but the climbs harder and tiring. We all got 5 or so climbs in, which is pretty good in my experience for rock climbing trips which are geared towards beginners. I enjoyed the height, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to take a “over the ocean” selfie by leaning over the rock, clipped into a harness and rope, with nothing underneath but sea. But it was beautiful. Endlessly, endlessly blue, azure, sea and sky, beautiful. 

IMG_2846 (1)


IMG_2833 IMG_2839 IMG_2841 (1) IMG_2843 (1) IMG_2844 IMG_2845   

There were hornets in the cracks, which was scary. We guessed they liked the water? And climbs on one side were over the water: amazing. What a beautiful place we live in.


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