Happiness Is…

Finding love in and within people outdoors. Strengthening bonds in fresh air. Re-learning how to see beauty everywhere.

IMG_2298   IMG_2278IMG_2302

Whistler/Blackcomb mountain. Sadly we did not pay extra to ride bikes, but as a treat for the kids, my parents invited me, my brother, and my cousin to ride the Peak to Peak Gondola, which none of us had ridden before. WB is actually as stunning as they say because of the grand scale of things, and I recall once again that “there are no friends on a powder day”. There are no alliances and loyalties when it comes to choosing a favourite place, Cypress!  Also, being rich one day would seriously improve my happiness if it involves this kind of expensive but life-improving beauty.IMG_2380


To make up for not biking on Whistler I signed my cousin and I up for a free beginner mountain trip led by students. I forgot to tell her that students of said outdoor club are a bit crazy to some people, and she was in for a time of her life. Although it was her first time, she had the time of her life, and so I did. I felt bad though because my bike wasn’t the smoothest braker or plushiest suspension but they did say mountain biking is an expensive sport, and hopefully a less cushy bike will encourage me to build skill. All in all, I’m chuffed that a family member actually enjoys adrenaline sports-so it does run in our family.IMG_2332

Like everyone else that drives down the Sea to Sky highway I try to take a shot of the elusive uncluttered glimpse of the Howe Sound and mystical islands unfolding in the background. I captured this shot out of many dozens, and was surprised that I had gotten such an unobstructed view. Patience pays off.IMG_2397

I didn’t want to make the trek out after spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on transit to get to said mountain biking area (I had ended up travelling back and forth by accident, wasting hours) but the scenery turned out its best exuberant jewel-like colours. I was tired and grumpy but no matter; to share experiences with people and collectively enjoy this sort of company and setting put a smile on my face. I think that if we were more open to things when we’re reluctant we might just be happier people, if only because we’re more tolerant. And of course the more open we are to experience the more beauty we are likely to see.

I’m lucky and I thank mother nature when I realize it. To be surrounded by beautiful places and beautiful people that I could spend the rest of my life exploring.

I thought that this summer would suck but actually, it has been alright. I can see a way of managing anxiety; that is, I have an excess of passion and feeling and if I can just reign it in and not let my mind repeat emotions beyond their capacity I could regulate how I feel, instead of just being a passionate and oft useless ball of energy. It is fun to be passionate, but not sleep deprived, failing, or hurting others and yourself.

Alright. I lied…It will nigh impossible for me to reign in any emotions, so best I put them to good use.

Here’s to celebrating anything and everyday. Tomorrow will be boring but I needn’t box myself into a windowless room of work or boredom, when things like this exist just around the corner.


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