Sea to Sky Gondola

How stereotypical can you get? Not more stereotypical than a gondola ride up near the Chief rockface in Squamish BC with your cousin and blue skies and emerald trees and yes, lingering smoke from forest fires and dry creek beds!

I tried not to take in the views too much. It made me want to hike too badly. I haven’t been hiking for nearly a month since my relatives landed from Asia and work bogged me down.

Still, it was insanely beautiful. And I’m glad my entire family got to enjoy it, which wouldn’t have been possible without the gondola.

Last year my dad brother and I went to the exact same place and for me it marked the partial acceptance of my family about my mountain pursuits. I wrote an long and bitter post about it but I deleted it. I wish I still had it but it was definitely full of angry words.

DSC_1354 IMG_1811 IMG_1815 IMG_4675 IMG_1825 IMG_4588 IMG_4614 IMG_4600


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