Stereotypical Summer


My feet smell like vinegar. Gross. Where did this summer go? Between worrying about school, escaping into the outdoors and renovating the house, the summer has been non existent. I’ve either been bored out of my mind or so busy the days blur together.

That’s typical, I guess. Life is like that. You just notice it more in the summer when you’re supposed to having either a dream break or dreaming of one. Time is encapsulated by the inevitable return of September, whether your year actually works like that or not. It’s September and then it’s Christmas and the New Year and oh man your birthday, where did the time go?


Life is a game of averages. Your life trajectory isn’t based on that one awesome trip, presentation, or friend you made, but how you lived your life after. That is, life is all about the ordinary. That one awesome day of weather that coincided with your trip? Awesome, but it’s how you spend your rainy foggy days that really counts. It’s a drag, we don’t pretend it isn’t, but suddenly we cherish those sunny days instead of expecting them to just be there.


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