Clothing Optional Beach


Yesterday I went to a clothing optional beach on whim to kill time. I didn’t bring a change of clothes, so I was somewhat forced to go topless, or walk around with no bra while wearing a tight shirt. Strangely enough it was far more uncomfortable to not wear a bra than be half naked.

I’ve been dipping in lakes once a week for the last month, and just because I couldn’t get away didn’t mean I lost my love of the water.

The experience was sadly creepy, but the water was amazing. It was not cold at all, and the tide was low. Salt-I had forgotten the water had salt. The last time I had been here I had been an innocent 18 year old and my friend had said brazenly, “I’d totally go topless” while putting seaweed ‘spa’ wraps on my feet. But the views of naked people and roving eyes drove us out. To think fear had kept me out of this place for two years. It is totally not worth staying away from a place of beauty for fear of a reaction that isn’t warranted.


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