Peekity-Peek into a Snow Journal

I found this document titled “Season 2014/2015” in my cloud drive. I tried to write everything down while I remembered. I remembered back in 2013/2014 when I could literally remember every day I spent on the mountain great detail, because my memory was so good from being so relaxed. I think I lost all of it; how can you be happy for something you’ve forgotten? Anyhow, I didn’t edit and it’s not very informative but it’s fun. Journalling is fun. Everything I don’t journal gets lost and that’s not fun.

(Aka things I heard and thoughts I had while having my mind cracked open by nature and people)

Season 2014/2015

Day 1

Nov 23, 2014

The innocence of the first day.

I’ve got powder on my mind too.



Everything is just different when you don’t have that bundle of cash waiting for you when you get back.

Downloading on Lions.

“Wow, it must really suck up there for people to be coming back down already.”


Everyday I feel a build up of excitement, and everyday it deflates without peaking when the forecast refuses to comply. It’s frustrating.


Backcountry snow

After this, you can’t go back.


He sounds like an introverted person going on and on only because he has to talk. We spend 20 minutes by the window talking only I forgot what about, only that I was smuggling bits of cookie from my pocket to my taste buds.


No sandwiches.

It’s my birthday. Treat myself. I pick up the yogurt and granola bar.

“Haha, it is too much to pay,” he says. “I give you a discount.” 40%.

“Thanks,” I say to him. “It’s my birthday.”

Alex drives me up and I think he’s beautiful.

Dammit. I’m having such a great time but I’m lonely. I go home and cry.

The paradox is that these stirring images were once the stimulus for me to seek adventure in the mountains, but never once did I ever enjoy the beauty of these things in real life. Case in point, I watched as snow fall onto my co hiker’s sharp blue jacketed jack and was reminded of a beautiful picture I loved, that I loved as an emblem of snowboarding. In fact, I could have taken a camera and snapped the shot and fairly replicated it. But did I feel the same way staring at my hiker’s back in the cold in real life as I did sitting at home imagining in the comfort of 20 degree weather? No.

I hated above everything the stupid snow, that froze my body while we stopped for a much needed lunch. I hated that I liked to snowboard. I felt depressed only 1/2 into the hike because I was so used to living lazily at home. At first, familiar songs ran through my head but as my energy lessened, I resorted to living in the moment, which was no fun because I had no motivation except to follow my co hiker so I wouldn’t get lost and die.

However, as much as the conditions were physically and mentally stressing, I have never really regretted a hike. Sure, I regretted that one time I spent a night in a hut with 2 un-funny male hikers and an eccentric family of 3, but only because I didn’t find anyone in that crowd I liked, which is rare.

I also enjoyed the stimuli of ever changing ground (patchwork of different sized roots and rocks strewn in interpretive patterns across the trail)

It doesn’t just teach you about one thing. It teaches you about everything.


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