Here’s what they never talk about when you live your dream: It’s hard. Even when you know it’s the only thing you would be happy doing it’s still impossible at times. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, not even when you have the passion for it. Knowing your end goal and knowing what direction to take to get there are two different things.

Signing up is hard but it won’t be the only hard part. It won’t even be the work that’s the hardest part. The hardest part is deciding the steps you will take to ensure success; the parameters of emotion that are permitted to still constitute enjoyment; the pace at which your passion should grow; constantly gauging direction and redirection. Reaching your goal is a finesse of map work and the hardest part isn’t moving forward, it’s deciding where those footsteps should go. Even when there is a goal in mind there isn’t always a clear trail or any indication of its suitability. It’s like walking through a foggy forecast and you’d like some sunshine, but you have no idea if you will achieve that by walking through the forest, walking long enough the fog blows off, or if it’ll be foggy for the rest of eternity and you are severely lost.

This applies to everything. I’m talking about academics, but it applies to any goal or relationship. In a way throwing your all into it will ensure you get something out of it and find out the true north of your passions, but just finding your passion isn’t enough. Just developing it will not ensure the path to your dream will become clearer. Living your dream is the hardest thing to do, so if you want to accomplish something great in life, treat yourself and do that thing.

I can’t say anything about it. My biggest dreams include helping and listening to others. Snowboarding is just a small dream-or is it? There are lots of things you could do out there. The first thing though is to chase any dream . Prove to yourself anything short of changing the world isn’t in your DNA.


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