Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.13.00 PM

(originally written five days prior)

View from her car.

Hello friend that I never see. I think you know how much I appreciate you. If you didn’t, it would be awkward to see you so sparingly. It was awkward when we saw each other all the time but the awkwardness was something I’d overlook in order to be with someone with which the world made sense. Sisters are awesome, but awesome friends trump having no sisters. Maybe because we both have brothers. Maybe it’s because we were both hesitant to be girly, despite coming from very different lives. I didn’t understand why you didn’t do whatever you want and think mainstream, having the life that you did; what did you understand about me that kept you with me? When I helped feed the homeless one time I equate that feeling with how I felt when I found you. Life gaining a new dimension as selflessness finally made sense when it became clear it was the ultimatum for happiness and fulfillment. When I’m around you I am euphoric because we are both selfless. If there’s anything I’ve ever learned from a person it’s this.


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