Trip Report: Manning Park


Mt Frosty ridge


Balancing act-One member of our crew left these all along the ridge and apparently wherever he backpacks/hikes. Really impressive, and it didn’t even take him long to set up 3.


“You wouldn’t want to sleep there unless there was a blizzard and it was -20.” Okay, I’ll take your word on things from now on, seeing this hut is basically a room-sized log cabin with no door.

Nothing much to say except that it wasn’t very interesting but very long (25ish km) and I didn’t see where the chairlifts were that would be spinning as a part of the winter wonderland that Manning Park is.

I shared a two person junior tent from Canadian Tire. What that amounted to is basically a claustrophobic sardine can where I had nightmares from the confinement and coffee but was also incredibly warm and snuggly and slept well.

We were so lucky in that we escaped the downpour that threatened to drown our optimism out prior to the hike in and we had friends to shuttle us the last 3 km back to the lake, where we had a swim (my 5th lake swim this summer!)

The season for Manning Park is October, when the golden birches set the ridge on fire at sunset, or winter, where it’s apparently under appreciated. At 2.5 hours away from Vancouver, it is still far away to me. My hope is that I’ll see it in Oct or even better in the wintertime.

Here’s to chasing your dreams. 🙂


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