Trip Report: Tenquille Lake/Finch Ridge

After 2 days and 2 nights in the outdoors in 30+ degree celcius weather I feel thoroughly uncomfortable, eaten by horseflies, and generally demoralized. However, those moments atop easy hikes/scrambles to Finch Ridge (2.5~hrs hiking up) were easily worth it. Being atop a mountain is memorable. Scrambling (hiking requiring some use of hands to clamber up rocks) is adrenaline pumping. Swimming in cold lake water and wading in running glacial water-let’s just say even if you feel so uncomfortably itchy and overheated sitting down makes you wish you were unconscious or constantly being numbed by ice cold water-it moves the heart-you can’t help but love it on a level that’s difficult to disregard.

(Better trip report + pre-trip to follow)





You can’t really see it, but down there far, FAR below is Toothpaste Lake. (just kidding, but that’s what it looks like)




“This could be somewhere in Europe.”


Contemplating the snow clad mountains and icy glacial water.


I’m still impressed we hiked up this. 5 hours roundtrip on Finch Ridge including lots of celebration, nudity, half nudity, photos, and breaks. Elevations are visually deceiving.


Rampant forest fires a few valleys over from us gave the sun an appearance of sunset despite it being 6 pm (sunset=9:30pm)


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