Writer’s Morale

Do I want to write a book?
I do and I don’t.

As a child it was obvious to me that the one most joyfully proud thing I could do was write a book. First it was fantasy, one that I wanted to read and be. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a bird? Secondly I settled on being a girl with magical powers and a powerful heritage shrouded in secrecy. When having sisters, a flute and a magical pet didn’t turn out, I turned to even more vivacious dreams-real life conundrums. Throughout my childhood story writing career, one thing became apparent: stories were a way to make life everything I wanted it to be.

As an adult it’s easier than ever to make up excuses why writing a book is a no go. Why write a book when you can solve cancer? How important is it to entertain a selective audience, and how can you even be guaranteed to move one? But if a story touches even one heart and changes one mind, it can have a butterfly effect. Similarly, the possibility of an unloved text can deter even the most intrepid writer, who believes his or her story is stupid. Down the pen goes, or clack goes the final key on the keyboard, announcing a story’s early demise; why, how many stories have died this way that could have saved a life?

While the writer suffers from demoralization, the writer’s craft also suffers disuse. Would be writers confuse their nascent prose for an insufferable lack of talent or interestingness. What Olympian ever sat on their couch until the day of their event and did their best? Write like an Olympian. Train everyday, believe that you can jump over the high bar, believe that you can go for the gold. Even the best athletes can’t guarantee a gold, just train for their best. Writing, like every other pursuit, require endless practice and most of all a belief in your dream.

Another thing can strike you down while writing: a short term mindset. The one thing that separates a successful writer and a non successful one is perseverance, and waiting until you know yourself to write prematurely abolishes unwritten stories. Let yourself write and imagine with each letter you pen the uncovering of a story that could have been left buried. How many more stories can you mine? How many more characters, plot elements and turns of phrase can feed in that one successful narrative?

Remember that even writing a story for yourself that no one will see will feed into your future goals. Think the thought and the thought becomes you; there’s no undoing or permanently post editing past thoughts. Live life and let it inspire you. Read a book and let it ignite a passion in you. Just be passionate, for passion separates the talented from the successful.

Just do it.


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