Pre-Trip Thoughts: Garibaldi Lake

These are my pre-trip thoughts for Garibaldi Lake, a lake between Whistler and Pemberton. It’s the first backpacking trip I’ve done in 1.5 months and it’s about 800 m I think. More elevation if I decide to continue on with 3-4 hours of sleep.IMG_0956

Hiked up the Grouse Grind for the first time in a year, surprisingly kept my usual time. 

Hiking and stuff isn’t a so much a physical test, it’s a mental test.

All of life is a mental test and the way you react in your daily life builds the character you react with in the outdoors.

I’m really lucky that I have the mind I have.

I am not my circumstance and most of all I am not to blame for my anxiety or depression or OCD. Those are not mental weaknesses, craziness, or quirks. They are just coping mechanisms for those who had a set of circumstances collide where the mind had to extend beyond its normal range of mechanisms.


Cool, so I’m all set to enjoy this-counselling, lack of sleep and exercise, irritability and anti sociability and all. I’m ready and no matter what, I always am. And if I’m not, I’ve got my ereader full of stuff to read when I feel demoralized. This is my passion and nothing can take it away from me. There is no corner of me that resents anything or anyone in life when I’m snowboarding, standing amid soaring mountain ranges or in a field of wild flowers. The solution to the world’s problems lies within oneself.

F*** yeah! 


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