Summer in the Snow


Ridge where we met other snowshoers with a boombox. Seeing this skiable area made me almost cry. It never left my mind that this was paradise and that it hurt so much not to have my snowboard with me.

Famous Last Words:

I’ll spend more time on these trip reports…

Asians don’t burn.

If I’m going to go hiking, I’m going to be obnoxious about it. I’m going to get a Disney Princess magic carpet.

There’s not going to be that much snow. I’m not going to bring my snowboard.


Tons and tons of skiable and rideable miles of soft spring time snow


                               Almost there                                                              First time on snowshoes


                       More skieable area                        Trees that would be amazing to ski/snowboard around



-Artsy fartsy hiking trip with musicians, and artists; biggest girl to guy ratio ever (1 guy, 6 girls) He brought a long a friend twice his age but their respect for each other, creativity, and duet musicianship could not have been more kindred.

-Surprisingly, tank top and shorts are a must. Sunshine was surprisingly hot, but the snow had not melted. I wish that I had brought my snowboard, but I had thought with such high temperatures, the snow must have melted.

-Actually being able to see the landscape because of high pressure skies. I couldn’t believe how much bigger the area looked without the fog of snowy skies.

-Fulfilling a small wish to play violin by being taught twinkle twinkle little star on a violin with a sponge for a shoulder rest and also moon salutations at midnight.

-My phone ran out of batteries, and I was once again mesmerized by the sight of the mountains after dark. Again it was nearly a full moon and the night as bright as day. I drew mountains by the light of the moon until 2:30 AM. I’m not satisfied that I captured their beauty, but I remember a time before cameras.

-Finding out building a sliding station on slushy snow hill is harder than you think. It was so hard just to smack out a straight line down a hill, much less avoid shelves in the snow.

-First time snowshoeing; they remind me of flip flops

-You never know how much you love something until you don’t have it: the pain I felt seeing some people snowboard past me while I pondered on my snowshoes threw me off for the entire trip. The minute I saw them I knew in my heart that I’d always love snowboarding/or skiing because of the thirst for adrenaline it ignited in me. And everything I walked past, everything I saw, was a canvas for riding. Although I generally don’t tell people that I like to snowboard, at that moment I thought I’m really a snowboarder. Whatever the passion or skill level, if you see it providing you happiness and friends for a really long time, then I’d say you’ve struck gold.


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