We’re all awesome, so don’t be jealous of others

Here’s an interesting phenomenon: whenever we meet someone who checks the box of some pre determined checklist, such as skydiver, we automatically think of them as “cooler than us.”

It doesn’t really matter what else they’ve done. It all pales in comparison to that main point-that they’ve done something that you haven’t-and it feels….well…it feels…like jealousy.
You’re jealous.

Of their one accomplishment.

It may have occurred to you that you needn’t judge before you’ve heard the whole story. Maybe they’ve got bullying friends, who won’t let their friend live down a missed sky diving opportunity, so that’s why he or she did it. That’s the story, and that would never have impressed you as much as skydiver did.

Maybe this person is a scaredy cat in the rest of their life (that’s me) but they decided to overcompensate for their lack of courage by skydiving just once, to quiet that raging voice inside their head. And still has nightmares about that experience.

Maybe, just maybe, this person doesn’t see themselves as special or talented in the way you, for having skydived, and maybe even they wished they were  a little bit cooler, and have slacklined across two cliffs, like another friend he or she know did. You ever think of that? You ever think how he or she might lie awake too, berating themselves for not taking control of their life?
Whatever the reason, no one is ever just one experience. You might have chosen the experience, but you equally might have not. And certainly they probably don’t hold it on as high of a pedestal as you, or think of themselves as highly as you, because how unlikely is it that they might also be jealous of the quirky way you joked about being jealous?

We’re all awesome.

Case closed.


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