Pre trip thoughts (or not?) to (?) Pedal Power

Is there going to be a trip…? I don’t know yet. I lack gear that isn’t that easy to borrow.

But I’m going to write own my thoughts, anyways.

-It’s been four months since I last went on an overnight trip. I’ve been lazy and demoralized.

-I need a proper bike + rack + panniers to pull this off, in addition to having the pedal power BY TONIGHT (which is the least of my worries right now; it’s described as uber beginner friendly, but it’s still 40 km, and I’m fairly sure I’ve never pedalled over 20 km flat without anything hanging off my bike) However, if you can hike a distance and not die, you can hike twice that with a bag, too, only you’ll feel like dying.

-I’m extremely ready to spend a weekend with peers

-I want to feel like myself again, and only I can make decisions in my life to feel good again. (being forbidden by parents, and then feeling physically too weak to, attend trips all semester has demoralized me in that I haven’t spent ample time with peers, nature, and getting to build myself.)

-I want to be more than myself: this I want more than anything else.


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