When you hate school

Who hasn’t sat in class wondering why their post-secondary school accepted them and whether or not it was a mistake that people generally perceive you as smart? It’s weird, life, and yet few things are as rewarding as tracing your progress when you feel down about school, like how you really have progressed since high school and how subjects have taken on a whole new meaning. As I minimally scrape by (that is how it feels) I constantly remind myself that yes I am attempting to get better, which is betterment in itself and no one starts out an encyclopedia. Even if I feel like a fraud, I’m seeing changes-and I’m lucky to like what I’m doing.

Some common complaints of study are hating it when you a) find it dull and depressing b) when it makes you realize how incredibly incompetent you are.


a)This is largely a matter of perception and balance

b) The more incompetent you feel and clearly defined those deficiencies look, the closer you are to fixing them.

Good luck, fellow students.


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