Happy one year

Happy one year. April 20, the day Cypress closed for its 2013/2014 season marks my first blog post, but really it was marked by the end of my first season snowboarding. So it’s fitting to also call this the one year mark. Cypress has scratched out its compensation for the sad season, so it’s official.

If you had to ask me which one was my favourite post, I’d have to reply that I had fun writing all of them. But nonetheless, if I were asking the self who wrote these entries, here’s one that I particularly liked: (https://lawnchairair.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/post-season/)

I remember hoping that someone felt the same way and that by writing it someone would identify with me, finally. The post sums up some of the confusions I had about gender performance as a teen.Now, I hope that it means something to someone out there-to let them know it’s okay to question everything and be uncomfortable and thrilled doing it.

On the topic of uncomfortable, here’s a whole slew of posts I wrote full of teenage angst (https://lawnchairair.wordpress.com/2014/07/). It’s hard to believe that just last year I was a teenager; I loved every rebellious, ironic post in July. July was when I was at the beginning of a stressful venture but not yet under stress, so I valued my creative time, and quit Facebook. Don’t get me wrong-it wasn’t like I didn’t want to have anything to do with social media-it was that I  couldn’t write about one of the most salient aspects of my generation’s lives properly until I was an arm’s length away.

This blog has helped me record my thoughts in a new way, and I hope to be blogging about snowboarding/creativity/life for years to come. There are many transient aspects to life, and while other people use instagrams or facebook to record life, I like words. This blog has charted my journey from being almost exclusively introverted in my first season to learning a new way to maximize joy by sharing it with other people. While that journey has probably escaped the confines of this blog, I hope to add more stories of people to it this summer.

Happy blogging everybody.


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