Edit: These pictures are sh*t!

Short hikes are good for nothing if not pictures.


Many people did not anticipate snow, and one hiker turned back because he had come expressly to take photos, and he was not a foul weather photographer. But there were a resounding yes when the rest of us were asked to reassess our intentions to hike after arriving at the doorstep of winter.

Out of the twenty random snaps I took this one held the distinction of being sharp.

highres_435957599 (photo by Jon)

During the hike so many pictures were taken anyways we felt like celebrity. The photo taking brought a sense of candid closeness to the group. It also made the wild less wild and everyone feel accounted for. I love this shot. It captures everybody and is a reason in itself to bring a real a camera whenever I go somewhere with potential. We are so small. There is drama, life, and beauty in this candid shot. Even on such a short hike, I easily felt engulfed.


And, of course, there was snow. Gloriously flying all around us. Freezing rain was the actual word for it; when you brought a handful of it up close, you could see that it didn’t have the typical flake patterning, just pellets. There was more fresh snow there at Cypress than we had seen all season (~10 cm). But walking through a relatively flat trail that offered no bag-sledding potential, there was no way to actually bring back that feeling of adrenaline.

Always take a minute to remember that you are in the centre of beauty.


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.33.34 AM

Base at 6:33 AM (Screenshot from cypressmountain.com webcam) Snow from the bottom right up to the top.

Last week’s:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.52.58 PM


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