What does it mean to you to have super powers?

No doubt by the time you are ten you’ve been asked that question enough times to start asking others and comparing whether or not your super powers are compatible. By the time you’re twenty, it no longer even surprises you that people ask that question-you’ve got a stock one ready, even though you’ve given up all patience of entertaining the ridiculous notion. But the question never goes away. Something about it roots itself in the softest greenest patch of our psyche.

There are many to choose from, and what makes it easy is that the pool generally stays the same throughout your experience. There are the lofty ones, like flight, invisibility and time travel. Then there are the more accident-prone, human answers: the ability to foresee accidents, make the right choices, rewrite time. But how often do you think about how among those are a special subset for each person? Would we see each other differently if we answered honestly about it? Who doesn’t want super powers, whether or not they’ve thought of it seriously?

I know other people want super powers. Because I know I want super powers.

Super powers of flight, invisibility, and time travel are awesome. But they just aren’t magic enough. I could have a quiver full of all these powers and still be yearning for more from life.

Here are some of my personal wished-for super powers:

The power to tell people a truth they know to be true in their deepest of hearts by writing them a story

The ability to put an audience in the midst of a scene immersing their senses and emotions in a photo realistic drawing

To create performable art, whether through music or body, with the sort of haunting permanence that is characteristic of defining life experiences.

And above all, I wanted the super power to heal people. Make them magically feel better, confident, brave, wise.

Now if anything, that’s magic.

But for now, I give my stock answer-flying-and hurry to the next question.

*Prompt: If you had a superpower, what would it be?


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