The Creative Conundrum Part 2

A few months ago I wrote

But on the flip side of that, art can be the one thing that makes you want to keep on living even if you’ve forgone everything else. When something sad happens, you can create something that makes you laugh. When you’re angry, you can destroy something and create beauty out of it. Art restores previously enjoyed emotions and gives negativity a way out. Moreover, art gives you courage. With art, you’re the writer of your own TV show; you’re the alchemist of your own base materials. It’s exciting to be able to pen that page and see what happens next, being unveiled to you even as it comes out of you. Then it depends on you to have the courage to show the world what makes you stand up when you otherwise would be falling down. Show the world, and you will have taught the fallen to stand. That’s the beauty of art.


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