Mt Gardner

This is about the hike up toe Mt Gardner, on Bowen Island.



After 30 min I spot hikers that I met last week and meet up. We exchange hi’s and I learn with a happy surprise that I like nice dogs. Slowly I meet the 8 hikers that are joining us today and love them all immediately. Many are A+ optimistic types. My favourite.

We board the ferry. Such a good group we all stand at the ferry deck because that is where the dog has to go, we all band together against the wind and share the breathtaking view together. Finally we start our ways to the trail, which doesn’t start until we’ve walked in a little from the cove. There is a forest of alder trees and it is so beautiful I almost feel comfortable in the outdoors again.


The trail is a single track wide trail up through lush green ferns, red cedar, firs, and there are even some skunk cabbages. The varied trail and best company (high proportion of again joking optimistic types) ever makes it nearly my favourite trail. I just want ultimate harmony with people and nature and we are pretty dam close. One member insists on giving me random high fives, which I did not feel like I needed due to the beauty of the trail. I’ve never seen anything like this before. The landscape gives so much to read it’s like a good ski run. I love it. By the way, did you know that the peeled roots of red cedars really are red? They are bright, bright red, like children’s paint.


After taking no pictures of the green trail (too nice to take out a camera and ruin the moments for) we reach the top where two people are enjoying wine! “Are the glasses made of real glass or are they the plastic kind?” “No, the real deal! We wouldn’t settle!” You are greeted by views of vancouver/ubc from the top of the island.


On the way down it starts to rain and by the end we reach the bottom it’s pouring. The best moments are when your newfound companions are in total synch with you; the three of us stand on deck even though there’s driving wind and pelting rain and wonder at the uber expensive island-side mansions and laugh, “We are stubborn, aren’t we?” “It is cold.” “There is some wind…just some.” At the beginning of the ride we pretended to be sane and agreed “If it is cold we will head back” but we never did.

As we are walking down, almost back at the trail head, two people pass by us. “Those were the guys who almost saw me pee up there!” I am sure those guys are much more mortified than any of us for her saying that… A daffodil photo opportunity turns into a deranged photo. The dog dragged multiple sticks along, often whacking us but more often making us laugh at how much he was like a needy loving child. We were literally laughing the entire trail up and down because of the dog. You had to be on your toes, but when he came by you couldn’t resist but pet him. He is the nicest dog I have ever met and up until then I was afraid of dogs.

Not boring at all, Mt Gardner.


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