Burke Mountain

This is about the hike up Burke Mountain, with a stop at the abandoned ski village.



It’s not, but pretend this is a photo essay of our trek in an abandoned (but revitalized?) 70’s ski resort.

It’s not, but pretend this is an essay of the trek:

Known as “hiker’s paradise” according to a well renowned source (one hastily googled hiking review blog)

We have no idea which way to go, but we have  GPS and we want to see some abandoned buildings.

Quick googling also reveals that a) the ski resort may have closed down ’65 and b) These cabins are being leased by the municipality. This is cool but crushing because we all want to spend a summer weekend there.

You can hear the nearby gun range from the trail, like “walking through a war zone” remarks one hiker, which fits with the dilapidated buildings.

“Let’s go ghost hunting”joked one hiker.

We adopted cabin 100.

“He’s the man!” shouted one hiker. “Sometimes people say I’m like a man,” laughs the ‘wo-man’.

‘Dammit, I’m a kid again,’ was one five star review of the tree swing.

The swing is fucking amazing and there are at least 7 different buildings.

We trek out leaving the beautiful ski village undisturbed (Also, we were warded off by the boarded up windows and “no trespassers” signs)

IMAG5821 IMAG5827


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