What if everybody…

What if everybody was an artist, but it was just that not everybody understood their ways of expressing their art?

What if everybody thought as deeply as an introvert, were as precise as mathematicians, as intrigued by nature as scientists, as capable of expressing themselves as extroverts?

What if we are all really the same, expressed in different ways in different eras of our lives? What could we learn from other people who express the same passion you have in a different format? How many more people would we have more than a preliminary understanding of? Instead of calling ourselves one things or another, could we not feel strange to flexibly be many things at once, and also recognize that other people are many things as once? Every single person. Instead of finding one facet to relate too, I challenge that you be unable to find one facet that doesn’t in some way reflect one of those fundamental building blocks that make up human curiosity and expression.


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