Down the Winter Rabbit Hole (Snow caving)

This is my experience snow caving. Because of the lack of snow, to my relief, we only trekked a little ways up a popular trail and set out to transform the snowy field into 10~ snow caves. We worked in teams of about 4~ and creatively set about whacking together a snowy abode with shovels and human power. It was totally safe but also deeply satisfying to be living in a temporary community of self built shelters.

Plus, a comment on how “Trips make me question the creative life” below  (Pictures first!)


our snow cave


gigantic snow banquet table (seats carved out of snow)


entrance to our snow cave. It is spacious inside, really.


view as the fog lifts for a brief second


muddy road back with a glimpse of the mountains.

/////////////////////////////////////// Weird thoughts:

Life is so dam confusing.

All I know is I’m still not living the life that I want (but was I ever?)

Of the people on the trip, which are living the lives that they want? Many live lives off the beaten path; travellers, all. How much of wonder is a physical space and how much of it can be mentally created?

I don’t believe we were born with arms and legs so we could just live in our minds. Or that is exactly what I believe. For so long I turned to books to learn about other lives and other worlds; now I’m finally turning to people. The distance between the page and life has never been farther. For so long as you are comfortable art will come; but move into the zone of survival and discomfort and art is put indefinitely on hold. Choose one: art and comfort or discomfort and physical/real accomplishment. Sit at home and photoshop and read or go out and listen to real people’s lives/field research that which you read about. I can’t ever stop liking the creative and yet at the same time I will put that on hold in order to satisfy my curiosity about the things that I write and make pictures of. What I write or make pictures of eventually comes true, it’s true. I used to just write about snowboarding and now I snowboard. I collected pictures of roads leading to mountains and now I’ve finally seen it. I dreamed of waking up outside and then snowboarding…shit that hasn’t happened yet. Watching the video of and then bundling down into a snowcave instead of a tent where I can easily unzip and stare at the night sky and skiing dangerously instead of carving the beautiful, beautiful inclines I saw on a snowboard mean I a) will write about it until I b) fulfill this wish. Creative pursuits are just wish fulfillment, after all. Once you fulfill the wish you have to find something else to make art out of. Dangerous? Maybe. True? If there is anything I have learned about artists of any kind it’s that intense desire/insecurity drives art. An intense desire to combat that intense insecurity because we question everything and most of all ourselves.



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