pre trip thoughts-overnight in a snow cave

-why red heather AGAIN

-we better not be going higher than red heather because doing a trip above my ability is not a good idea joints wise

-promise to work out if this doesn’t kill me so future trips are more enjoyable and less damaging…

-yay! get to see a friend there from my 3rd overnight trip-SLEEPOVER TIME

-I better not be claustrophobic

-3 hrs or less sleep before a trip, AGAIN. happens every single overnight

-didnt even pack my bags this time…

-no camera, whoops

-woah, do I finally get to wake up outdoors in the winter??? dream come true!
-I hope I dont freeze to death

-my backpack is even heavier this time O.o I already died last time…

-really no fucking reason to ski anymore, since I dont know the area around red heather and need a guide,elfin lakes was a disaster bc no guide, and only 1 other skiier in group (probably better than me…) skinning is the shit…makes me 3X slower than everyone else. but while the skis are rented out to me, it is my obligation to use them…

-i miss snowboarding!!

-wish certain people could come along!

-i packed much less food. hope that works out.

-shit…2.5 hrs sleep. That’s a nap. O.o no wondering I’m pigging out now…

-driver has no chains on his tires. WHY. will ski out if he insists on driving in snow in them…O.o not safe

-see ya…alive hopefully 😀

-honestly, after all my “research” on digital life and stuff and conversations with friends, I’m glad to have no camera. life pre camera for capturing every life moment=the kind of life for me.


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