Snow Journal #0

Sometimes, ideally all the time, I come home after snowboarding and relax by writing it all down. I don’t really pay attention to which parts were boring and which parts were exciting; I just want to capture the minutiae that made the day the day that it was. For me, this is also a good way to figure out how to tell the story before I blab about it out loud to other people in a way that makes no sense.

You should know that this season is severely lacking snow, not as bad as California, but pretty bad. It’s mostly just myself my musing and I out there and whomever I’m carpooling and thus spending the day with. It’s a good way to meet awesome, like minded people. At the same time, the people who like the mountains are a diverse crowd.

If I leave feeling calm or excited though, it was a good day. And I’ve never regretted a day on the mountain!



Skiing to ski vs skiing to pay off your season’s pass are two very different things.  Skiing simply to ski is to enjoy every minute of unrushed, rudimentary event. Time is microscopic. Your surroundings become the forefront. Today is bluebird, amazingly white and clear, amazing to see the run you just skied down from afar. Nice to get just sit down the on-no rush at all. No more than pleasantly tired. cond. today-delightfully easy to gain speed. Little snow but fresh groomers=no resistance. Can I stress-golden sunlight. 1st time this season

If you snowboard-you feel the joy that Ist attracted you to it, then you are a true snowboarder. not speed, not skill. Fun is the biggest factor. I love safe but slightly not speed (best on a groomer) and trying to do switch on incline. That is where my heart lies.

PS snowboarding after skiing enhances riding but feels so weird. I try to fall forward. Many nice guys on lift, grampa.


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