Pre-trip Thoughts: Elfin Lakes

Orders of business:

Housekeeping: Done. It’s the most ordered I’ve packed my bags yet, and it’s still not ordered. Things all have a purpose and place though. Slight consideration towards weight distribution but not much. I feel like I’m packing a cupboard. Pack the nooks with nooky things and healthier things like powdered milk and vegetable juice.

Investing: watch given to me by rich uncle still works 10 years later. cause solar powered. amazing. and shock resistant and shit, waterproof too. This is the kind of thing i need in life, period. was too stupid on my own, buying breakable things. eyes on the w/friend’s dad: his remark: “you’re finally started to invest in better things.” bought a fine synthetic down packable jacket a couple days before with him + friend. I thought they LOL’d; why pay $50 for a jacket when a hand me down is just as fine. It’s not. $50 was $250, later her dad says, “i was overheating in my jacket. but i can’t pack it. too big.” life is very precise and sensible, and it’s easy to be comfy. invest in the right things. wearing watch for the first time in 5~ years because shit phone+mp3 clock will not last nor work in cold weather. but this too is luxury: you don’t need to tell the time in the wilderness, you just have to look at the sky.

Luxury: I am well aware this is a luxury trip. No avy gear; hope for the best but really low risk and so much extra room w/o tent or gear. With it, backpack is possibly not big enough. Now w/room to spare, packed with random shit like lots of shareable foods, fondue foods, spent 1 hr just buying candies (coke and blue whales and sour shit) even toothbrush…it screams luxury, even if i have to slog up ridiculously to get there.

Be kind: maybe it’s just coming off of a sugar high but boy did I see something in those words stamped on the side of a granola bar, “kind”. “kind” tastes good, just like coconut and almond and honey, the flavour of the bar, coincidently. hiking=be kind. synonymous. always saying “hi” to hikers. maybe it’s a safety precaution. but still very cool. people=depend on for survival. peoplealso=a kind of google. fi you are lost, you fish for results by finding other ppl. u can only get answers if you are kind. also, if you are lost, kind people will help find you. all in all very kind community.

No one sleeps: if you’re unlucky enough to be contacted by me before a trip it’s me seeking someone who is even less fit than me (a terribly hard task) in order to have some safety net for the trip the next day, which is usually in T-~3 hrs. Yet again I am embarking backcountry skiing, requiring way more energy and muscle than I have, on 3 hrs sleep, no coffee. HAHAHA. I think I am insane. But no, it was worth staying up if I finally get a reply that says “actually, I have never done this before”. Sometimes I don’t. I didn’t last time. Yay! It was fine. Being the worst is a civilized worry.

Being a “poser”; lots of “poser” outdoors peoples; actually, I like to say that these “posers” maintain the artsy/cultural side of engaging with the outdoors. Outdoorism would be really boring without the exaggeration and charisma to excite bored folk. resorts and resort mentality draw ppl into snowsports. It gives them the freedom to grow in so many ways: park, backcountry, social and environmental activism. each its own branch, each as authentic and weird and with its own set of posers. if there were no posers, then they would be a lot more obscure, and a lot less ppl would be into it, which would be sad. Although I finally understand why those hersel backpacks and such have those “pig snout” things. For hanging extra stuff.

Wildcards: I really don’t know how my skis are going to strap onto the roof. I really don’t know if my skis are safe. Heck, they aren’t even my skis. But I don’t want to let them go. I like how huge and retarded they look, with space-y boots and really, just so much more high tech than my $40 snowboard. That sick stick can go perish; it was made to perish, at the will of some particularly nasty jib.
Can I go to sleeP? No. The other third of your trio went to sleep no earlier than T-~4.5 hr and the other guy…probably took his snooze 8 hrs ago. If not, then you are fucked. He’s not the original planner and his mini “bio” isn’t very encouraging. We will get lost and be fucked beyond belief because no one brought a map. Yay!



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