Happy Monu(mental) New Year

I have only three words for the new year:

Happy New Year’s.

Just kidding:
Discomfort is mental.


Btw I found the magical healing unicorn at the end of the rainbow. You’re welcome.


While others are sleeping in after partying for new years, I hope to be outside. I’d be sorry to be skipping out on a friends reunion dinner, but I we will keep each other in our hearts.

If I’m lucky I will be spending the days after the new year, after dreaming about it three months ago and never knowing how it could actually pan out, surrounded by snow (https://lawnchairair.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/aka-my-wasted-weekend/) I’m praying it will work out and I will be able to wake up to the mountains the snow, even if it will be on skis or even just snowshoes. There’s nothing I wanted more in life, except to experience it with friends, but strangers are OK, too. Remember: everything is mental.

The last (and third) time I went on a overnight trip and my pre trip reactions: https://lawnchairair.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/what-this-weekend-might-be-like-in-a-nutshell-the-nut-being-me/

Link to pictures of the potential ski/overnight area:


Look at that morning view. The only thing you’ve realized from camping thrice is that good looks don’t matter because you’re too tired and that good pictures require sub-comfortable conditions to photograph. Bring a camera. Don’t sweat anything too much. You can do it, if your survival depends on it.

Weather I am warming my butt in the hut all day because I have no ski guides and never touch powder or I freeze and refuse to go out at all, it is my wish to wake up to powder away from civilization, and I will be sure to get at least that.

It is an introductory area but even introductory areas are unsafe. Be wise, study for it as hard as you would for any test.

Order of wishes as common sense allows:

a) to get a spot on this trip

b) to be fully prepared, to the best of my ability, and thus survive the trip without harm

c) to survive the journey skinning up and down a distance I have never covered before

d) get amazing pictures

e) to get some sleep over the two nights

f) other health problems

g) to actually ski powder at all

h) to ski powder with a stranger at the hut as a guide, so as to be able to walk out of my snowshoeing companions’ range

i) to enjoy myself. Not mandatory.

Free bonus: to fully enjoy the company of other insane people up there.

Fingers crossed this new year brings everyone the confidence to do the thing that they all want.


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