Trip Report: Wedgemount Lake

This are photos from a backpacking trip to Wedgemont, a lake within Garibaldi park.DSC08126 DSC08204



Made some new friends, was owned by the 1000+ elevation gain (3 hours up) + 5 more hours up and down Mt Cook (Scary, loose shale-y scrambling, made okay by one other student who was willing to admit he was a bit disheartened by the vastness of it). Shared a tent with a nice first year girl and we both froze to death, thanks to our tent (courtesy of my friend) and inappropriate layers (courtesy of our own stupidity). And by the way, it was beautiful. Wedgemont lake was hardly the star of the show. Being tired as a crazy squirrel who’s found a stash of nuts and waking up in a tent was.


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