Pretrip Post: Wedgemount Lake


This photo is actually from Joffre Lakes. Why did I choose this photo? Who knows. Should you care? Probably not. Should I care? I guess the choice of this photo shows that I thought this was scary as he**. 

I will be writing down my thoughts to my overnights because I’m just foraging into overnight hiking trips and because it’s always full of the most uncensored stuff! Wedgemont is a hike in the popular but somewhat difficult garibaldi area, known for its azure lakes and unbridled forests.

Warning, this post gets progressively crazier and has swearing.

How did I get into camping? Well…

It was a month ago; I’m not really sure if I can still recall how excited I was to finally be camping.  Pretty much everyone I talked to had already been camping before and wished me on my merry way. I couldn’t wait to finally experience the experience of a life time that everybody had already had. What could be better than meeting strangers and go hiking and then sleeping under the stars? I ended up being so tired that I never even saw the stars. And I didn’t get more than a few winks of sleep that night; I was freezing. Then I couldn’t believe that I could even hike up more and went close to a glacier and came back safely. My biggest pet peeve was I didn’t get to eat my tinned salmon because tinned salmon stinks to most ppl (but loved by me)

No, that’s not true. I can still remember how excited I was. But that was before I came home feeling pretty depressed. I was so tired! There was no way I could ever consider myself an outdoor kind of person. I was tired for 2 weeks. But guess what? After three days I yearned to be outside again. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to suffer through another cold sleepless night or trudge endlessly upward (boy, I was pretty pissed about that) but I did feel different. I felt as if a whole world could be opened up to me if I just tried again.

The next trip was with my school, after signing up with their outdoor club on suggestion of a friend. I didn’t enjoy it because I never got to the point where I was so tired I couldn’t think, didn’t click with the company, and I was still tired from my from my firs trip two weeks ago. You need that to enjoy this kind of thing. Course tomorrow I am scared because I’m not even sure if I can do it. In fact the #s say I can’t. Nah-get out! And with so little sleep I’m genuinely afraid of passing out into a dreamless sleep (done on the bus) Yet adrenaline has kept me up so many times snowboarding when I should have fallen down. Another dreamless sleep tonight and I could still be good to go.

The hike to the current camp, Wedgemont, is twice as high as the other two I’ve done. However, I’m quite determined to see something beautiful after two weeks of boringness. In fact, full knowing I might stay unsatisfied if I didn’t make weekend plans asap, I did the grouse grind tuesday (no, that wasn’t enough wilderness), then after signing up for the hike I got excited and I spazzed out that night, then I had to bike 1.5 hours to buy my camping backpack off somebody, and finally today was free week so I had to join in on a free ballet class (where else would you get to do that??) Really dumb because I am a couch potato all the time; I just need to get excited, but now I’m already fatigued as well; or you could say that I’m slightly more prepared.

And then I’m supposed to scramble like 1000m. WTF.

But I’ll be sharing my tent with another stranger soon to become friend; the lake looks beautiful (but I never gave a fuck about lakes because I was too tired); I have a real backpack that will distribute the 25 pounds into something managable for a lazyass like me; and I have delicious food!


I swear to god that I am an idiot and I do this stuff so I can be more comfortable with nature because I am uncomfortable with the idea that I might one day like snowboarding so much that I will be heartbroken to find out that I am NOT comfortable enough with being outdoors. Then what will I do? I can’t let those images of beauty stay on my screen just because I wasn’t brave enough; to love is to sometimes do what you hate.

I just like beautiful nature too much.


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