How will the 2014/2015 season look?


This is what the top of grouse looked like today. Simply spectacular. 10 degrees celcius apparently, which is my now favourite temperature. Not cold but with a chill. I hadn’t noticed the weather on the way to school simply because I had an assignment due at 12:30, after which, to reward for my hard work, I skipped the actual class in which the assignment was due (just creative writing mind you) and relished in the rain. So I can’t actually tell you if it was the rain that rocked or the top of grouse that did.


* I never senseless condone in skipping but it’s okay if you are ahead/on top

*Also, it was totally the right choice and I worked hard all weekend

*Only suitable if you are an arts major

There was the other factor that I had stopped doing the grind after consistently hitting 15-20 min below my usual time. Other than being petulant, I wanted to battle my anxiety and I had to do this fight alone. It was already pretty astonishing that I actually had finished my work on time, which I haven’t been able to do in forever. For once I felt strong enough to try to beat this, and with a chance like this, I couldn’t let it pass. I tried to stay calm and achieved a few snatches of peace. 15 min below my normal, healthy time-but still an achievement because felt some peace where there was none before. Afterwards, I managed to do a short sprint from the bus to the seabus, running free. It felt so good. I was grateful for just those few seconds, the assurance that I could still return to normal.

But back to the setting. It wasn’t crowded. People said hi on the way up. “Tired of the rain yet?” I asked a lady coming down.  I mean, every time I had been there before I knew there to be crowds. Or I had been often enough to know that service had slowed down. Well I hadn’t been in a while-and everything had changed in my eyes. First the misty fog upstairs. The real die-summer-die chill. The RAIN. The AIR. I can’t decide which was better. THE RAIN AND THE AIR WAS GOOD OK? And the crappy view was good too. So, so good, how much I love greyness and fog. And maybe the few diehards mingling around were nice too.

Even though it was colder, I wanted it to be colder. So I considered either spending $3 on mystery crap at mcdonalds called a ‘smoothie’ which actually tasted really good, or the one here. The $6 “smoothie” I bought was actually a small slushie with raspberry syrup. No kidding. Grouse mountain is all “authentic” marketing and one area where they need to improve their stuff is food. At least Cypress food is real and for that price I could get 2 real yogurt+fruit parfaits which I could swirl around and pretend to be a smoothie. And I thought Cypress’ food was bad. I was also overturned with annoyance that my rain jacket was already leaky when I realized the wet was actually from the trapped sweat not decreased permeability. Well good, except why make a good jacket with no vents. Finally, I was overjoyed to see the UNPACKED skyride and we even slowed down to see the tram coming up, where the operator made a funny pose.

Then I went home and I didn’t see anyone on the bus or the skytrain but I thought I did and shithomework.

Which reminds me, I didn’t even get to my point. Right. These are from the 2012/2013 season. Heard it was actually really good with ridiculous pictures on the net but on that one day in march on my birthday (BDAY RIDES FREE), it was icy sh*t. Or so these pictures show. Because, to the pain of my former ski racer, “Any day on snow is a good day.”

No, now I know ice-rink like marks are never a good sign. Thanks for putting up with me, friend.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.31.59 PM

Back when I had a functioning camera with nice wide angle-like lens. This picture makes me cry because it broke by itself and it was on a contract and I was too dumb to ask for a replacement. I had just pulled the pictures from it when it fizzled out by itself. I had not even used the phone for 2 weeks and in those 2 weeks I wasn’t touching it (“Hell no i don’t need another gizmo.”) Oh wait, yeah I did. Now I have one that shoots 1/15 of your field of view.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.33.59 PM

Yes. Yes. This is what we want.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.34.15 PM

I don’t think I’ve actually seen the ground covered with snow on the way up this season.Nope, nada. It looks beautiful even through a screened window.

Conclusion: 2012/2013 definitely rocked but I wasn’t around enough to realize it.


These are from the 2013/2014 season. See nothing? That’s because there’s nothing to see. Any landscape-y pictures I have have already been posted on this site or prematurely deleted for being of crappy quality. (Taken with my “”””new”””” phone.)

Okay fine, here’s a few telltale pics.


People being interviewed on Cypress about


“Yeah we’re having a great time. We’ve finally got time to cut our toenails standing in this line.”fine

I don’t know these strangers and sorry for posting your butt on the internet.


I just stared at this picture on my phone. I forgot there was actually 1 high pressure bluebird day. Or something. Maybe it was doctored and implanted on my phone by Cypress.

Conclusion: 2013/2014 was rocky but the mountain air does weird things to your brain, you know? “These lineups are the sh8t!” That’s what I would have screamed into the microphone if they had been interviewing me. What are you smoking?

So, what’s 2014/2015 got in store for us?

Hopefully just lots of days outside. No snow? Roll around in the grass in your backyard. No cold? Okay, you caught me there, cold and wet is essential as I just witnessed up on grouse today. Cold and wet and being dry does magical wonders. Except when you start swimming in a sea of your own cold trapped sweat. Because friends, I just wanted to jump into a shower.

Let’s inhale the mountain air and do crazy things like endure cold sweat.


Hopefully it looks a little something like this. With a toupee of snow. Screw El ninos (the weather, not the person). Thanks in advance mother nature. Then again I’ll still respect you if it doesn’t work out because MOTHER OF GOD YOU INVENTED SNOW.


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