Cypress Mtn-St Mark’s Summit


View of bottom of ski area.

So many more trails are hidden in between those trees. I wish they had the lifts in operation.

It’s a freakishly small world. The girl who was my dorm neighbour, last year, is highschool mates with the girl I just went hiking with. And they’re all from Columbia. She was super fast and blew us newbies behind. She said her friends were super boring and the best thing she could convince them to do was Deep Cove. I agreed with her. That was why I was always joining online groups. She was super nice and I would like to hike with her again, although I secretly considered deep cove a hike, having never actually done it-there’s a lot of things I haven’t done, but a short and sweet hike in Cypress during the summer is crossed off my list.

Among the cool things aside from meeting that girl is having a bird eat from my hand. Their claws felt exactly the way I imagined them to feel. They weighed more than chickadees, which is to say, I actually felt their weight in my hand. They like cashews…I have never had a largish songbird eat from my hand before, so that was pretty cool.


No comment. Just a view.

A few guys were sitting perilously on the edge of a cliff at the top but in light of the recent incident in the news, I didn’t find it daring, but frightening. Normally i might have done it myself but I stayed far, far away. Laying down and peaking our heads over was fine though; Columbia girl and I enjoyed the view that way.

It turned out that I had woken up three hours early to transit, walk, and make the carpool time in advance had all been for nothing. I got a ride home afterwards straight to my hometown…because one of the lead organizers who is sixty something lives there, too.

My friend’s possible prof went on the hike. Chem, a small college. Humble guy…surprised by his own stamina.

Where I sat three months ago on the last day of the season.

Everyone had something to say. Everyone was very different but no one complained. In fact it felt much more like a social group than intermediate hike, as advertised. For one, 32 people came. Columbia girl says the hikes have different personalities, depending on the organizer. This one was mellow and easy, perfect for a first meet up.


View of the ski cafeteria. All the normal winter-access areas were closed off, including the eating areas. All I could see were ghostly rooms behind tightly clamped doors.

All the 40+ crowd, which was basically everyone except Columbia girl, I, a boy (tried to converse with him but didn’t get anywhere) and perhaps the fathers, went for beers after. Goddammit I wanted a beer. Yesterday all my high school friends had gotten alcohol before I had frustratingly bussed to my school campus due to being too tired to remember which stop to get off of. What kind, I don’t know, but I felt stunningly irritated and extremely interested in drinking.

So I bought a chocolate almond milk (I thought it was soy…I’ve had too much regular chocolate milk to enjoy it anymore and honestly it tasted like soy until I looked at the bottle) and a cookie instead. The cookie was crap, the girl didn’t want any, and the chocolate milk was amazing.

Cypress is not the same beast in the summer, but were you to go on an advanced hike, it would have been a sure fire test of endurance and fitness, one that I wouldn’t pass, but sure as hell would love to, if I had the energy.


I never could figure out what that little house built into the side of the mountain was but I sure as hell wanted to live there…


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