Some thoughts about Online Stalking

When you put thoughts onto the internet, you’re inviting people to stalk. But hey. It’s not really stalking. You do it all the time when you read a book. Except it’s called reading, and not stalking.

I stalk people. But I don’t do it in any different a way than I did without Facebook.

For some reason it doesn’t interest me to stalk my friends. I dunno. Respect I suppose-I only like to know about people what they tell me personally. We all know some people make a facebook for some theoretical audience and I think myself better in a deeper circle than to be included in their professionally tailored audience. I know better. Pertaining to that, I also probably already know a good chunk of them, and the chunk of them that is important to me. No, it’s way more interesting to stalk strangers.

While visiting the lodge each time at cypress to have my lunch I became familiar with the faces of the workers. And also on the bus. Some of the workers would go on the bus that I went on, too. A lot of them were really friendly as well but they were chatty with their coworkers and so loud it sort of excluded all of the quiet lonely skiiers and boarders that generally turned up music or slept so I never got to know them personally. Being workers though they had name tags and though I only ever got one’s name, stalking her online presence surprised me.

Well, her pages were full of glamour. Designer. It was endearing how much she liked fashion but I was also wondering where all the money came from-I don’t know how much fancy watches cost but I’m willing to bet a lot more than a fancy purse. And yet she was here, working a galley builder at my local mountain. Whatever would prompt someone to do that? Unless the pay was really that good…But she’s got education and moreover, however she is paid, she’s still just, well, doing seasonal work cleaning tables. Why? Sounds dreamy to me but I would want interaction and it was so quiet every time I went on the weekdays there was definitely no interaction or atmosphere, only tired people, and I have to say it, it’s “dirty” work-surely you can find better paying jobs that aren’t dirty. No mentioned of skiing or snowboarding anywhere. And I believe she takes the bus as well, which is an extra 2 hours tacked on to whatever transit came before (Problem with ski resort job: Min 2 hour transit per way or 4 hour transit per day, even if it sounds awesome as well, as awesome as I feel at subway making people happy with sandwiches and jokes before I get tired. Then I’d rather be out there, so maybe that’d be an annoying aspect of the job, not to mention all those hours on job during winter=not being out there.) Also interesting is that she runs a blog and she’s said recently she’s been trying to find meaning in fashion again and then after that there’s a post about how she loves to wear black. Hmm. Lifestyle change? It was posted END of ski season haha. Anyways where do you get money for stuff like that? You’d need to work a really nice job and work a lot and not have to worry about paying for school/living etc it seems to afford all of that. I dunno. Even my friend who’s been working since gr 10 at min wage and appears to buy expensive things does not have anything like that. Actually even my rich friend who doesn’t work but parents technically could afford her something nice never wears anything flashy. I don’t know this girl but I wish I did. Maybe I should have tried? But that’s so awkward. You don’t just make friends with workers. It happened to me and although it seems FAIRLY alright to make entire judgements of people’s characters based on their mannerisms in combination with what they wear in our hyper-aware constantly advertised and informed age group, it’s still weird as fuck. And mine didn’t turn out well so I don’t wish to repeat that upon someone else.

I thought it was stupid for my friend to try to maintain an air of mystery and all when she was trying to get a boyfriend. But now maybe I understand. Mystery is what draws us to people. Why are these people interesting? Do you think maybe they share a similar life story to you? Maybe they have answers to things you were wondering about life? Maybe you want there life? (Yeah, who doesn’t want to work at a mountain? Well let’s face it: playing and working in paradise are two different things.) That missing link is what made me interested in her backstory. I mean before that I just noticed her around every time and hoped she didn’t recognize ME and have any bad thoughts about ME like maybe leaving a microscopic mess every time I came to eat, etc, or if I was really tired would she wonder what the heck was I doing inside the lodge AGAIN. Blah blah blah. I wish there was a bit more social lubricant between worker and customer. Even though I’d love workers to admit they are tired or would love me to cheer them up when I order food at places, I myself find myself inextricably offering an “I’m great!” in response to customers. If I wasn’t so tired, to be honest, I kind of like my job. Until I get tired, I feel like I get to be the miracle worker making tired people perk up, and so on and so forth. So yeah. I still can’t really reconcile the two.

Just a little food for thought.


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